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Hello, ladies. If any of you wants to further girl-pimp out this blog (can we keep the theme? ;-; ) then go right ahead.

This first post will have disturbing subject matter. Only one out of the three of you know who Slenderman is, so I’m bringing him to the other two (since one of you refused to watch Marble Hornets and the other one watched it and was somehow unafraid…okay, so maybe only Ryn doesn’t know who Slenderman is). But why write about Slenderman, you ask? Because he’s the whole reason this blog exists. I came up with the idea while I was reading Slenderman mythos and finding myself unable to fall asleep. Ever since then things have been making weird noises and my animals have been acting strange, so maybe this will put my mind at ease.

The Slenderman

Legends initially describe Slenderman as a tall, well-dressed man with hollow eyes. He has been seen all around the world for over a century, and has been documented in countries like Germany, Norway, America, England, and Afghanistan.

Slenderman, in recent years, is noted to be a human-like entity wearing a business suit, standing far taller than humanely possible, and having no/a deformed face. He is able to stretch his limbs and torso into strange proportions in order to entangle or terrify his prey, and he can “grow” tentacles from his back and sides that he uses to scale tall heights, aid in movement, or further scare/entangle his victims.

Slenderman’s preferred targets are women and children, particularly the latter. He is often seen before the disappearance of a child or a group of children, and in several instances children seem to be able to see him where adults can’t. Most of his victims have vivid nightmares about him before they disappear, and it is thought that only those he is targeting can see him. Slenderman prefers to come out at night, although he has no hesitation to show up in the daytime, and is most often spotted in fog-enshrouded streets or in wooded areas where he can hide himself. Most victims disappear without a trace, but some turn up impaled on tree branches or with organs missing.

Some witnesses have managed to get photos of him before they, too, mysteriously disappear. He also has a tendency to show up in photographs unexpectedly.

It is unknown as to why Slenderman stalks and kills as he does. Early reports describe the witnesses hearing “a high-pitched giggle or laugh, like that of a small child or infant” before an attack, fueling the belief that Slenderman kills for fun or “because he can.” Slenderman has no known deterrent; no amount of shields or locked doors can fend him off, and he seems able to move through time and space with ease. Some suspect that there may be more than one Slenderman, explaining why he has been sighted in different countries around roughly the same time, but the consensus agrees that there is only one and that he can move about through different planes at will. He is also connected to fires, especially those that have female or child victims.

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